World Health Day: Let's Create Healthier Lives

By NutrioTalk

World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year. This day is observed to create awareness about your health and well-being and grab the attention of the people to take care of their health and create healthier lives. With the pandemic, Covid-19, some people with better access to health services could lead a better life while some had issues fighting it back. These unanticipated situations make us realize the importance of securing our health above other necessities of life. Isn’t it? World Health Day: Let's Create Healthier Lives Create Healthier Lives With Healthy Food and Lifestyle Generally, health issues do not strike all of a sudden, there are tendencies at an earlier stage that knocks our door but we often ignore them. Why? Because until and unless a problem rises to its peak, we do not get serious about it. I agree, that some health issues are completely beyond our control but these are the outcomes of our lifestyle and eating habits. Various community-based research shows that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy nutrition and physical activities. A combination of good nutrition with physical activity would do wonders for short and long-term benefits for your health. As per Jyoti Pachisia, Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant, multi-component interventions aiming to promote healthy eating and physical activity have also shown to be effective in promoting healthy lifestyles and, ultimately, decreasing body mass index (BMI). Focusing on overall health rather than sticking to just one lifestyle routine could be better in terms of avoiding any critical illness. Many are of the view that it’s too late to change their habits and routine, but it’s not so. Well, we have heard the saying “Age is just a number”. It applies to your health as well. If you take care of your health, your body would function smoothly for a longer period. Various aspects impact your health and lifestyle at present as well as in the future. You can always reduce the risk of the most common health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, etc. by making healthier choices at an early age. Having a certain disease in family history does increase the risk of the same. But it doesn’t mean that we are helpless to improve our choices of avoiding it. Brief family history helps us to know potential risks better but it should not be a source of alarm. We can do a lot to reduce the risk. Jyoti Pachisia, Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant says, “Feeling out of control and a sense of dread are not just threats to our predisposition but also our health. More we are vulnerable; less we maintain our healthy habits. We even turn to unhealthy and excessive behavior to comfort ourselves but the relief is quite temporary while the effects of ill health could long-lasting.” Adopt Simple Habits For Healthier You Life is best enjoyed with a healthy mind and body. Improving health requires a comprehensive diet and nutrition plan and a great dedication to your goal. To improve your health, you can adopt simple habits to your everyday routine like a short walk, climbing the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator, stretches in between your work, 5-minutes of meditation, and healthy snacking. If you pay a little attention to the simple acts in a day, these would have a huge effect over the long term. Whenever we think about safeguarding our health, we generally think in terms of activities like exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. But an often-overlooked component of good health is the quality of relationships with family and friends. According to Jyoti Pachisia, Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant, cherishing our ties with family and friends is as important to our health as good nutrition and exercise. A hug is a means of giving and receiving affection as well as a significant source of stress relief and comfort to our bodies. You can always work with a health professional to address any underlying health issues to make health and lifestyle changes to make it easier and more productive for you. And remember, you are never out of shape or too old to make any healthy changes. A health expert would provide you with a great diet and nutrition plan along with some tips, advice, and suggestions that you can incorporate into your everyday life to stay fit and healthy. Let us develop a healthy habit of eating right and make some healthy lifestyle changes and smarter choices to enhance our longevity and get less prone to sickness. Let’s create healthier lives on this World Health Day!